A Symphony in White

When thinking of Brazil the first thoughts that cross my mind are of the Olympics, the Amazon River, rain forests, and the dazzling spectacle of Carnival.  The images are colorful, full of lush tropical plants and beautiful men and women dressed in every color of the rainbow.  Perhaps that is why the novel Symphony in … More A Symphony in White

To Pho or not to Pho

It’s time for some Vietnamese cuisine.  Throughout the novel The Sympathizer the narrator frequently refers to the popular dish named pho, pronounced fuh.  This is a steamy hot bowl of broth centered around beef or chicken with various spices and rice noodles.  When we lived in Northern Virginia my sons became great fans of this spicy soup. … More To Pho or not to Pho

Nothing is More Precious than Independence and Liberty….

At the heart of the novel The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen lies the Vietnamese communist motto, “nothing is more  precious than independence and liberty.”  Many wars and conflicts have been fought over these ideas throughout humankind’s history.  One could make the argument that indeed the American Revolution had this idea at its heart.  But what is … More Nothing is More Precious than Independence and Liberty….

On Vacation

Hi everyone, Just a quick post to let you know I’ve been taking a short break.  Will be back on Tuesday, September 13 with a review  on  Pulitzer prize-winning The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen.  Then we will take a look at the beautiful country of Vietnam  by examining its food, culture, and natural beauty. After our … More On Vacation

Beauty is a Wound

Now that my adventure of trekking the world through books is well underway, I have received several recommendations for books that lend themselves to travel.  Beauty is a Wound by Eka Kurniawan, suggested by  my daughter, was the perfect selection to immerse oneself in a far away culture.  With an outstanding translation by Annie Tucker this … More Beauty is a Wound